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MSTech Swift Gadget v2

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MSTech Swift Gadget is one of the most useful extensions (Windows Tool Pack). This gives you everything you need to keep your computer organized. The functions and options of the MSTech Swift Gadget can be called in the Windows context menu (Windows right click menu). With this useful and useful software, you can do more with less.
Windows context menu integration (shell menu)
After installing MSTech Swift Gadget, you have access to all software functions in the Windows context menu (right-click Windows).
Quick access shortcuts
You can easily and quickly access your most frequently used files, applications and directories. Just specify the files, directories and applications that you want to right-click on the MSTech Swift Gadget menu and enjoy quick access by right-clicking.
You can specify up to 10 directories as your library in the MSTech Swift Gadget context menu. With a library you can quickly transfer your files and folders. If you can access all subdirectories in one window, you can categorize your files and folders as quickly as possible.
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MSTech Swift Gadget v2

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