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Picasa Installer Download


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Picasa is an indispensable software for photo fans and acts in various ways as a cataloger and viewer, as an editor and as part software.

With Picasa you can import all photos and pictures stored on your PC. Picasa allows you to select the drive and folders you want to scan, and you can automatically sync every time you open the software. You no longer have to manually import new images.

Once your photos have been added to Picasa, they will be organized into albums that appear in folders with the same names from which they came. You can then reorganize and move photos from one place to another by dragging and dropping them. Picasa also lets you add tags to your photos to make sorting easier, including where the photos were taken or the people in the photo for easy access.

Picasa isn’t special editing software, but it does offer a number of interesting features that let you do basic editing frame by frame, side by side, or in batches, including cropping, straightening, adjusting color and contrast, improving sharpness, correcting red eyes, and applying of filters.

Picasa has additional features that let you use your photos to create posters, montages, screensavers, and even movies. Everything can be viewed and shared with the external Picasa viewer, including on the Picasaweb platform, your Google+ account, your blogger, and your email.

Finally, Picasa also includes some very useful options for detecting duplicate and empty albums, geotagging photos, and saving and compressing your photos.

Accessible software

Picasa is software that is both extensive and accessible. It doesn’t offer many advanced settings, but the editing tool is perhaps the best example of its ease of use. The graphical user interface is intuitive and offers direct access to all options in the program. Less experienced users use the extensive help integrated into the software to understand and use the functions.

The all-in-one that has it all

Picasa can process your photos from import to distribution. It’s ideal for organizing your photo albums, retouching your photos, and sharing with loved ones. Picasa is easily accessible and amateur photographers will really appreciate the offer, especially if they already use other Google services.

This program has been discontinued and is no longer available for download. View Google Photos with your Google+ circles

Upload Picasa tags to Google+

New photo editing effects

Changes to photo editing side by side Share them with your Google+ circles

Upload Picasa tags to Google+

New photo editing effects

Edit photos side by side


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