In a press conference today, 18.01.2021, the Norwegian government issued the updated covid-19 measures that will come into effect 20.01.2021. Prime Minister Erna Solberg says that the infection situation in Norway is still serious. Many European countries have implemented full lockdowns with a curfew and are experiencing a healthcare system on the brink of collapse. The measures that are implemented by the Norwegian government are intended to stop such a situation from happening in Norway. Norway has one of Europe’s strictest entry restrictions but relatively mild measures for residents and businesses. The Prime Minister believes that this is the right priority moving forward. The Prime Minister emphasizes that the government stands ready to introduce stricter measures at any time.

– We need to be prepared for significant long-term restrictions if the corona infection is not fought back effectively, warns Solberg.

It is too early to assess the full effect of the measures implemented 03.01.2021, but the current level of infection indicates that the measures have had an effect. The level of infection is still high, and there is a need to continue to enforce strict measures.

The adjustments in national measures, in effect from 20.01.2021 are as follows:

  • Middle- and secondary schools (ungdomsskoler og videregående skoler) return to yellow preparedness level. Municipalities with high infection rates are requested to maintain red level alert.
  • Children and young people under the age of 20 can train and participate in leisure activities as normal, both indoors and outdoors. Where necessary, they can be exempted from the recommendation of a distance of one meter.
  • Sports matches, local cups-series and sports gatherings for children and young people must still be postponed.
  • For adults, indoor training is still not allowed. Adults can train outdoors if they can keep an acceptable distance from each other. Elite sporting events are required to postpone all league games for another two weeks.
  • The recommendation of conducting teaching and planned events digitally at universities, university colleges and vocational colleges will be continued. In areas without high infection levels, it is recommended that students are able to meet minimum once per week for face-to-face education if it is possible to organise this in line with the infection control measures.
  • All who can work from home, should continue to do so.
  • It is recommended to continue to postpone cultural events. This does not apply to funerals.
  • The government will continue to prohibit pubs and restaurants from serving alcohol.
  • The government will continue to recommend avoiding unnecessary domestic and international travel.
  • The government will continue to recommend limiting all social contact. There should not be more than five guests in a private home, this is in addition to the residents.
  • Maximum 10 persons can meet at private events outside of the home, for example at birthday parties at rented venues. For outdoors events, the limit is 20 persons.