Dear parents and guardians in our SFO,

Below, you will find some practical information about SFO.

Please download the SFO Information here.

Please download the SFO statues here.

SFO Information

Dear parents and guardians in our SFO,

Below, you will find some practical information about SFO.

<strong>SFO Opening hours</strong>
SFO in Tromsø International School is open to all students enrolled in the SFO programme from 07:30 – 16:30. This means that you may not drop your child BEFORE 07:30 and you may not pick up your child LATER than 16:30. You cannot drop your child off before 7:30 even if the school doors are open and staff is present in the school building. Late collection of a child may be subject to a penalty fee, to cover staff overtime.

<strong>SFO fees: </strong>
SFO harmonizes with the fees in public schools, and they are equal for all SFO-students; there is no discount for siblings.

Up to 19,25 hours per week (85% place)     = 2344 NOK.
Up to 12 hours per week (50 % place)         = 1804 NOK.

Parents/carers who opt for a part time place will be asked to complete a form to indicate how they want to use their allocated 12 hours within the school week.

<strong>SFO when the school is closed & Holiday SFO</strong>
In accordance to our statutes, SFO will be closed on days where three or less children make use of the SFO. We therefore ask you to let us know if your child will make use of the SFO during these times, and which days your child will or will not be present. Knowing numbers in advance will also give staff in SFO an opportunity to plan activities appropriate for the number of children attending. We will aske you to complete a sign-up slip in advance.

If we do not hear anything from you, we will assume that your child will not attend SFO and will then plan staff and activities around the children who have confirmed attendance.
Full (85%) place: The child can be in SFO the whole time it is open. They can be in full days, all days.
Half (50%) place: The parents should fill in a timetable for when the student will be in SFO. When the school is closed, the students can be in SFO 4 hours per day between 10-14 every day, or a full day         every other day.

<strong>SFO contract</strong>
An agreement will be made by the school (SFO staff) and parents who have chosen 50% SFO. The parents will have to make a week timetable as when or how they want to use the 12 hours/week of SFO time. Once the timetable is agreed by both party, it will be binding (permanent) until the end of the semester.

Parents can chose to change from full time to part time or the other way around once in a school year. Parents who choose 50% can change their week timetable only after Christmas.

The SFO contract may be terminated any time. Parents are required to write to school a request for termination of SFO contract and the notice should be at least 30 days be for the contract is ended. This has to be done before the first (1st) day of the next month. SFO contract can not be terminated after 1st of April.

SFO Daily activities

In the morning when the students arrive to SFO, the students may be allowed to read books and do activities like colouring, beading, play cards, board games and other quiet activities. We start tidy up at 8.15, so students can leave SFO and get ready to go to their classes at 8.20.

In the afternoon when the school is finished for the day, students start their time in SFO with outdoor time. Food (like bread, knekkebrød, cheese, ham and fruits) will then be served to the students. Students are encouraged to observe proper table manners. They sit down when we eat and they may not be allowed to walk around while eating. We encourage them to use plates and cutlery appropriately. The students will have around 30 minutes to finish eating their food and then they go outside to play in the playground, or we play or do arts & crafts activities inside.

Please note: No cell phones or other game devices or wearable tech are allowed in SFO.

Please take note of these contact details:

SFO Phone: +47 99 200 776
Mail: sissel.sobstel@trint.org